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Mission & ValuesFounders Dr. Domenic Gagliardi and Dr. Claudia Machiella are the dynamic husband/wife duo behind the successful practice. With an overall health and healing approach, the doctors have nearly two decades of experience in the business of helping people. Together the pair strive to influence their patients to live full and balanced lives — strong mind, body and spirit.

From early on, Drs. Gagliardi and Machiella had a vision that their centre would grow and evolve to integrate multiple healing disciplines in order to comprehensively address the needs of their patients. They have always seen the value in offering patients all the options available to feel healthy and balanced.

Our dedication and commitment to every patient’s health has allowed us to expand our business so we now have two locations to guarantee that everyone and anyone can receive care when needed,
Dr. Claudia Machiella

Today, the team at CHR includes chiropractors, physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, naturopaths, acupuncturists as well as an extensive network of family physicians who work together to educate, coach and inspire, by example, how to live life to its fullest.

Each of the personalized services offered at the Centre for Health complements the others perfectly, helping to reboot the client’s health in all departments, including sports injury rehabilitation, nutrition, hormone balance and physical therapies. For the team at the Centre for Health, it’s not about fixing a problem; it’s about restoring a lifestyle.


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