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The Centre for Health is your one-stop shop for total body health. The clinics carry a number of products that support the wonderful services you’re offered during your visit with us.

At the Centre for Health and Rehabilitation, we believe you should invest in your health 100 per cent — mind, body and spirit. We proudly offer clients a unique naturals shop that carries various skincare products, haircare products, vitamins, supplements, herbs and homeopathics, allowing you to take the goodness of total body healing home with you.
Supplements range from daily multi-vitamins and minerals to herbs, amino acids and enzymes. Certain supplements have

proven to be beneficial for meeting specific needs and conditions. For example, calcium supplements are usually promoted to help prevent osteoporosis, while iron is recommended for those who are anemic. Expecting mothers have increased nutritional needs and may benefit from supplementation with specific vitamins and minerals. 

Our various products have been carefully selected and contribute to a holistic lifestyle of health and wellness. The trained experts at our clinic are more than happy to assist you in recommending the appropriate additions to your individualized treatment plan.

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